The Transmission Last Update: May 4, 2009 10:58 PM

Racing Concepts made a Version 2 of the kit that I installed after I already had the car running on Version 1. I will include pictures of both as I documented the install of Version 1 much better than Version 2.

Frame Rail Braces:

Version 2:

Below is the old kit.

The kit includes this frame rail brace template so you can drill the holes without hurting the power coat on the actually pieces. Thats a nice touch that really makes the kit install go easier. The frame rail braces were easy to install, just drilled holes for the 10 bolts and bolt them up.

This is my friend Jimmy putting the bolts in. A big thanks goes to Jimmy for coming out and helping me an entire weekend to get the drivetrain in. I could not have done it without him.


Transmission Mount (VERSION 1):

Here you can see the transmission mount and frame rails installed.


The Transmission:

camaro ls1 t56 drivetrain


Clutch Hydraulics:

The kit includes everything you need to hook up the hydraulics. This includes two line fittings, a new master clyinder and a 36" long SS line. The other two things on the right are a fuel line and steerng shaft.

miata camaro custom clutch master

Left to right: stock miata, kit, stock t-56 from 2002 Camaro.

camaro t56 slave connection

This is the factory T-56 slave setup (its and internal slace and can be seen on the far left surounding the shaft). The top fitting is the bleeder and the bottom one is where the line from the master clyinder connecs. The kit provides a new fitting to replace the lower one.

To remove it, simple hammer the pin out til you can grab it with pliers and remove it. Then the fitting just slides out.

Here is the old vs. new fitting. Note the little ruber seal and make sure it is on the new fitting when you install it. A new one comes with the fitting.

Install is the reverse of removal.

camaro t56 slave bleed line

Then just screw on the line securely BEFORE installing the trans. You can not get to this fitting once the trans is installed. Lock-tite would not be a bad idea. It would suck to thave to remove the trans just to tighten this little guy.

camaro t56 slave cylinder gmpp

These little hand pumps are great for trans and diff fluid changes.


Installing Transmission:

Since I put the engine in without the bell housing, the bell housing was put on from under the car and was kinda a pain to do.

ls1 t56 clutch flywheel pressure plate

The trans did not line up perfectly with the mount, the engine wanted to tilt for some reason. To hold it lined up while I threaded in the bolts, I used a clamp.

This is it all installed. I was such a good feeling to have the engine and trans in. All that was left was to install the driveshaft since the diff and axles were already in. I would say getting the transmission in was the hardest part just because it took so much time to get everything lined up (bellhousing, input shaft, trans mount, etc) and we stupidly had the car on the lowest level the jack stands could go. I didn't want to go higher because I still had the engine hoist attached . Lesson learned, raise the car before putting the engine in...


Entire Drivetrain Installed:

Below is the new "Version 2" kit. I put in the new version kit after I already had my car up and running and can say that it is a big improvement. It returns a lot of ground clearance, rids of bumpsteer and increases rigidity.

racing concepts subframe 1

racing concepts subframe 2

racing concepts subframe 3

new kit 3

The new k-member interfered with the exhaust so we had to hack it up a little to get it to fit. I had been planning on getting the exhaust redone after the new kit was in so it was not a big deal.

new kit 7

new kit 8

Version 2 of the kit has extra tubes that go along the frame rails and have three large bolts that sandwich both tubes and the frame rail. There are then four more bolts along with flat plates (neither installed or pictured above) that go vertically through the floor board.