Out With The Old... Last Update: May 4, 2009 11:01 PM

I started the dissasembly during my fall break in October of 2007. I took out the complete drivetrain and various other peices in prep for the new paint job that my Miata was getting. Here are some pictures of the dissasembly.

Here is my parent's fourwheeler garage that I temporarily clear out so I can work on my car.

On the trailer to the paint shop! Its hard to see in pictures but the paint is flaking off in several places.

At the paint shop. Aircraft stripper was used to completely remove all the old, poorly done paint job.

In this blury image, you can see the two corners (where the "frame rails" meet the firewall) that have to be cut to make room for the LS1.

That brown area is where the paint literally blew off while blowing the dust off with compressed air!

Back from the paint shop!

Shiny paint!

Below are the pictures coming back from paint the 2nd time, this time its all put back together.

I traded out my Racing Beat trunk spoiler for the Miata R-Package one. I like this one much better.

Pictures don't do the paint job justice as the old paint looked decent in pictures. The new paint is so much better though. Now its worthy to accept its new V8 drivetrain.