The Exhaust Last Update: May 4, 2009 10:57 PM

I brought the Miata to Buster at Exotic Exhaust (770-943-2153) in Hiram, GA on May 13th, 2008. This was the second edition of the exhaust. He is well known in the LS1 world for his very good exhaust work. It is a full 2.5in aluminized H-pipe dual exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler (P/N 12568). It cost $800 including materials. Buster is EXCELLENT, I brought the car to him with the old exhaust on at 9:30am and he was done by 5:30pm the same day! I highly recommend him to anyone.

Jason at Enthuzacar is offering my exhaust as a kit for ls1 miata's. He used mine as a template to make a jig so he can make duplicates. If you want one, just talk to Jason..

Here are the headers that come in Racing Concepts kit.

ls1 miata nathan shorty headers

In the pictures, the headers are just held on temporarily with the stock bolts and a large nut as a spacer.

Above is three pictures I merged so thats why there are some funny things like double fuel filters.

ls1 miata magnaflow dual h-pipe exhaust

WOOHOO! The exhaust is above all the hard points of the car! Before it was 3 inches BELOW the frame rails. This new exhaust is awesome.

I had Buster put the flanges up high since they act as a catch point if they are low. He managed to not only do a superb job of bending the exhaust up and over the trans bar but also add flanges up there.

You can just see my hidden vertical trailer hitch in these last two pictures. I have a HF trailer for my race wheels/tires and toolbox.

The diff is now the lowest thing on the car (about 1.5 inches below the frame rails). I am not worried much about it as it is in plane with the rear tires to speed bumps/ramps/etc will not be an issue.