Woohoo, its "completed"! Last Update: September 27, 2009 12:38 PM

Below are the collection of videos I have taken of my car. I will continue to add new videos as they come. I will be taking some of acceleration runs, auto-x runs, track days, etc in the months to come.

Its crappy quality and the sound cuts out when I rev it but this is simply proof that my car does actually run..

Nathan's LS1 Miata First Crank


Here is a little walkaround. Again, its with my camera so the mic is really sensitive to the wind. I don't have the oil pressure sensor hooked up in the video so thats why my OPG shows 0psi. And the check engine light is on because the ECU still has some emissions and other things enabled even though they no longer exist. It will be reflashed to remove the CEL.

Nathan's LS1 Miata Walkaround

Made it out to Dynolab in Marrietta, GA and put down 328whp and 355wtq. Its a stock motor with custom intake and exhaust (dual H pipe with magnaflow, no cats).

Nathan's LS1 Miata Autocross Nov 2008

Here is a in-car video of me racing around Talladega Grand Prix at the 2008 Santa Run. I got 2nd place overall out of about 70 cars. I was really happy with the handling and speed of my car.

Nathan's LS1 Miata Track Video Dec 2008

Autocrossing in the wet. Camera is making some weird rattle noises, just ignore them.

GoPro Hero LS1 Miata track video. Sound was poor quality so I cut it out.

Sliding around in the wet at a Waterford, MI track day.

Tearing up Waterford Hills at a track day.