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waterford hills ls1 miata track

As of March 28th 2008, the car is fully drivable after months of work. Its a blast to drive, abet a bit "rough on the edges". Its akin to a mini-viper in its nature; raw power with little compromises for the sake of comfort. Sure I could have left the comfy leather seats and left the power steering and made the car more "daily drivable" but I am young and willing to suck up the downsides to such features in order to achieve a more direct driving feel. My car has no ABS, traction, stability or any other electronic driving aids so it’s truly me and the car. That sounds cool (and it is...haha) but it also means the car demands your full attention and respect or else it bites back. The car is still very good and carving corners. My suspension setup provides minimal understeer (on purpose for safety) and an acceptable ride on the street. The car can still be adjusted mid corner with brake or throttle inputs and is an absolute blast to drive. See my track videos to witness it yourself.

ls1 miata atlanta

ls1 miata engine bay

ls1 miata ohlins

ls1 miata pcm

ls1 miata heater hose

I added some nylon sleeving to protect the heater hose lines from abrasion. Also note the throttle body cam stop modification. It is ground down about 1/8 inch to allow the throttle body plate to go truely parrallel with air flow. Stock it only goes about 78 degrees (rather than the full 90).

ls1 miata engine bay complete

ls1 miata t56 exhaust ford 8.8

ls1 miata shifter t56

nathan ls1 miata kosei k1 ts atlanta

ls1 miata hankook rs2

ls1 miata nathan georgia tech autoshow

ls1 miata tgp little tally

The next two pictures are from the 2008 General Motors Warren Tech Center Auto Show.

ls1 miata GM warren car show

The next four pictures were taken in June 2008 with my race wheels/tires on. They are 15x7 Motegi Traklite 2's (only weigh 10.5 lbs, 35mm offset) with 225/45 Toyo RA-1's.