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Wreck Racing is my car club at Georgia Tech. We compete in the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge every year. We recently put a Lexus 4.0L V8 (1UZFE) into a 1992 miata. We also have a DIY turbocharged 1984 BMW 327e (a 325e with 325i heads).

Georgia Tech AutoShow is a annual car show that Georgia Tech host every year around the end of March. Everyone is invited to visit and members of the GT community are encouraged to enter their vehicle in the show. My Miata is normally there.


LS1-Specific Companies:

Racing Concepts is the maker of my LS1 kit. I got the front subframe, trans mount, frame stiffiners, diff mounts, ford 8.8, axles, driveshaft and various other peices to do my swap. Dan, the owner, has been busy and not focused on Racing Concepts so I cannot recommend you buy a kit from him at this time..

EFI Alchemy specializes in custom programing and tuning LSx engines. "Doc" aka Harrison was very helpful and cleared all the anti-theft/emissions/etc things from my PCM as well as tweaking the tune for better performance. They are based out of Jacksonville, FL but will ship a custom programed PCM in exchange for your ecu via mail.

Exotic Exhaust and Fabrication in Hiram, Ga is one of the best exhaust shops in Georgia. Buster, the owner, is very experienced in making one-off custom exhausts on the fly. He is very reasonable in pricing as well. His number is 770-943-2153.

Enthuzacar is an exhaust shop mainly for the Miata but also has a few other car lines as well. Jason from Enthuzacar worked with me and Buster at Exotic Exhaust and Fabrication on my dual 2.5in exhaust with a Magnaflow dual-in dual-out muffler. My exhaust is now made by Enthuzacar and sold as a bolt in exhaust.

Cleveland Pick-A-Part is a large distributor of used LSx engines and transmissions. I got good service from them with a fair price. The only disappointment was their shipping quote was quite high but they fully cooperated with me using my own shipping arrangements. The engine was very well packaged for shipping and arrived in clean and good condition.

V8 Roadsters makes a LSx Miata kit that places the engine farther back than the RC kit. It does require cutting of the firewall and rewelding to accomidate the backset. The good side of that is that the swaybar and steering rack are in the stock location and you get 50/50 weight distribution.

Flyin Miata is marketing, selling and even installing V8 Roadster's Kit.

Boss Frog has now entered the LSx Miata swap arena with their V8 Venom Kit. The rear end looks extremely robust and I am jealous of it. The downside is this kit cost a bit more than the others and I don't like the front sway bar mounts (but those can easily be fixed with aftermarket mounts placed more forward than stock).

Precision RaceCars Inc makes Aluminum radiators as well as any other kind of fabrication you need. They do good work and have very reasonable prices.

Miatavette makes a LSx Miata kit but I know little besides that. is an outstanding article explaining the various GM Gen III and IV V8 engines.


Other V8 Miata Swaps and Info:

LS1 Tech Forums has a good engine conversions section that has lots of information about swapping LSx's into non-LSx cars. Also has lots of LSx performance modification information. has a dedicated Engine Conversion forum that has many kit and DIY built engine conversions. Everything from rotary to V12.

Moster Miata The original creators of the V8 (Ford 5.0) Miata.

Top Down MX5 Has lots of first-hand accounts of Miata products and How-To's. Is also doing a DIY Ford 5.0 swap now. Has a large list of other DIY V8 Miata swaps. Poor interface but has several pictures of his DIY LS1 swap. Just pictures. A LS1 Miata mounted with Racing Concepts kit. Just pictures. Just pictures. Just pictures. a collection of many v8 miata project pictures (some are from above links). Just pictures


General Miata Links:

949 Racing has to be one of my favorite miata performance parts vendor. Emilio knows his stuff, test it out on his car and car really help you setup your miata just the way you want. is a great forum for Miata's (including a dedicated Engine Conversion section) and it also has some great how-to articles in the "Garage" and a good classifieds.

MX5-Atlanta Forums is a miata forum dedicated to the Atlanta area. Great group of guys and they have lots of get togethers so everyone gets a chance to meet each other.

Miata Turbo Forum is a Miata forum focused mainly on DIY turbo setups.

Club Roadster is a Miata forum that really focuses on tuning and modifying your Miata.

Lightweight Miata has lots of personal How-to's and first hand accounts. He also has extensive instructions on how to "add lightness" to your Miata.

Solo Miata has some good information on how to setup your Miata for autocross duty.

Jyri's Miata has first hand accounts of products and a couple good suspension setup pages.

Hakuna Miata has several writeups on his Flyin' Miata turbo setup and various other modifications.

Top Down MX5 Has lots of first-hand accounts of Miata products and How-To's. Is also doing a DIY Ford 5.0 swap now.

Hard Dog Fabrication makes excellent roll bars and cages for Miatae. I am happy with my custom roll bar and recommend them to anyone.

Flyin' Miata are constantly testing new ways to get the most out of Miatae. Their turbo kits and built engines are great and have a proven track record (although a bit pricey). I of course would rather have a LS1... Nevertheless, they have good products and are helpful.

Track Dog Racing has lots of track tested products. They are helpful over the phone as well.

Good-Win-Racing is another Miata store that test a lot of their products for sale and are helpful in picking the right product for you.


Other Links:

Gatech Locost is a website following one of my friend/schoolmate's Locost build-up. He also has some good links for DIY car setup/fabrication.

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