David's Miata Last Update: June 22, 2009 2:59 PM

David is a Georgia Tech Alum and enlisted my help in converting his miata over to Chevy LS6 power. As soon as I graduated (May 2, 2009) from Tech myself, I started work on his '99 10th Anniversary Edition Miata.

We decided to go with the Boss Frog kit for a couple reason. One, we liked the rear end setup and two it does not require cutting the firewall. I do not feel it is worthwhile to cut into the firewall as my car still has very good weight balance and handling. The one undeniable drawback is that you do have to relocated the steering rack forward a little.

The replacement engine is a 05 CTS-V LS6 with 18k miles on it. It should make 415+ hp and tq at the crank once we get it in the car and tuned. Current plans are to leave it stock besides intake, exhaust and tune.

Use the Nav bar on the left to navigate through the swap.

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