Getting the CO2 out Last Update: June 4, 2009 10:12 PM

Since Buster did such a great job with my exhaust, I brought David's Miata to him as well. In addition to doing mine, Buster is also doing another Boss Frog V8 Miata and just completed a V8 Roadster's Miata. When I pulled up with David's car there were already three other Miata's (two of which had V8's) at Buster's shop... I think I turned him into a V8 Miata guru. Buster should be done with it Thursday evening (6/4/09).

Jason at Enthuzacar in Marrietta, GA now has both a dual and single bolt-in exhaust for the V8 Roadster kit. The exhaust master was made by Buster.

Buster exotic exhaust hiram

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